• Logistics software developed for purchase order tracking & management
  • Totally web based and user friendly
  • Accessibility on a 24-7 basis
  • Real-time update of all purchase orders

Customised Reports
Primary Reports
  • Pending order report
  • Countrywise purchase order report
  • Origin point wise report
  • Destination wise report
  • Cargo arrival report
  • Order confirmation report
  • Supplierwise report
Main Report
  • 'Order status report'
Secondary Reports
  • Vessel wise report
  • Air shipment report
  • Inspection report
  • Countrywise report

Auto Generated E-mails To Customers
This system generates e-mails at different stages:
  • Order receiving stage
  • Inspection stage
  • Shipment stage
  • Customer instructions and feedback can be posted directly on the web site
  • A detailed standard operating procedure is created as the initialization process to provide a system guideline for all users

Customer Initialization
  • Every new customer initialized in Frescon gets 24-7 access to all logistics information on our web site

How “OMS” works for you..
  • Provides real-time information on the status of shipments
  • Our customer can create reports as per their choice Customized MIS reports to suit various information requirements.
  • Acts as a significant tool to assist your business decisions

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