Export / Import
We are totally dedicated to providing most competitive and committed services possible to our customers.

Shipping goods on time, around the world as effectively as possible, gives you a competitive edge in today's business climate. With direct consolidation around the world we deliver a complete cost effective range of services for all your inbound /outbound shipments. Close overseas cooperation is essential in providing the high standard of service our customers expect. In view of this we have an extensive network of partners and associates cementing enduring relationships with companies worldwide.

Proactive response from "Lasa Team" to give feedback to local operation ensures satisfaction from all. Because we actively are obtaining feedback on our strengths and weakness' we will always be able to provide you with consistently the best service. We will reach out to you to make sure you have the status on all your shipments. Shipment status can be provided via any communication device. We ensure that you are free to do other things than trace your shipments.

  •  Fixed Departures
  •  Pre and post shipment documentation
  •  Pre-Booked Space
  •  Custom clearance
  •  Door to door Pick-up and delivery.
  •  Direct Routings
  •  Fastest Transit Times
  •  Competitive Rate Structure
  •  Ex-Works Handling
  •  Cost-effective rates for both Export and Import